Candle Vigil for Folks Lost to Climate Disasters

Candle Vigil for Folks Lost to Climate Disasters

As this year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect. This year has given British Columbia a heat dome that killed almost 600 of our most vulnerable community members, a fire that burned a town to the ground, and floods that forced thousands to leave their homes.

We’re taking a moment to reflect on the people, livelihoods, animals, and sea life that we’ve lost this year.

On Monday evening, people from dozens of organizations will host in-person candlelight vigils at MLA offices throughout the province to commemorate those who died in climate-related disasters.

Please join if you can at our local MLA office on 4675 Marine Avenue in Powell River at 5:00pm Monday Dec 13th, 2021.

Bring a candle or small light. LED lights in jars can be handy if it rains, or use whatever you have!

These vigils are part of the BC Climate Emergency Campaign, an effort with more than 300 organizations. More info about where this collective action is taking place across the province can be found at the Wilderness Committee.

We are calling on all levels of government to work together and commit to urgent climate action to help prevent future deaths. #candles4climate