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qathet Climate Alliance

qathet Climate Alliance


Powell River sea level rise calculation graphic
Infographic documenting the sea-level rise scenarios for Powell River (in contrast with Delta). See Publications item below.

Our beginnings

On November 29, 2015, one hundred or so residents of the Powell River region marched from Willingdon Beach to the Patricia Theatre in solidarity with a global demonstration that day in support of the Paris Climate Conference which was due to begin the following week.

At the end of the march, we joined an equal number of people who came to watch Naomi Klein’s movie, This Changes Everything.

That day was the beginning of the qathet Climate Alliance. 


Planned Several Earth Day events including an electric car vehicle parade

Sponsored a series of lectures including  Seth Klein author of A Good War, Guy Dauncey of West Coast Climate Action Network and author of several books including  Journey to the Future – A better world is possible   Frederick Vroom of Tree Canada,  Let’s Talk Trash, Edward Struzik author of Firestorm:   How Wildfire will shape our future,  Andrea Hedley -Environmental Planner,  and Professor Fred Guerin


Created and maintain an active FaceBook page with 2,000 plus supporters

Contracted out and completed a Meatless Monday project

Represented on the Powell River Sustainability Committee (2 persons 1 vote)

Distributed climate action signs in qathet (more available upon request)


Published a climate action road map for Powell River

Published the Powell River Eco City Footprint Tool in cooperation with BCIT, documenting the carbon footprint of Powell River and Region

Calculated  and  documented sea-level rise scenarios for Powell River (in contrast with Delta)

We produced a comprehensive and professional journal/newsletter called CAPRicorn (see Newsletters)

Published a survey and a number of articles for qathet Living Magazine

Currently produce a column in the Powell River Peak called Climate Crossroads

Published a Plant-Based Cookbook