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qathet Climate Alliance

qathet Climate Alliance

Become an Ally

We must work together!

Work on social justice, First nations reconciliation, sustainable farming and forestry, passive Houses, letter Writing, green Transportation, non-violent demonstration, green energy, wise voting, are essential to slowing climate disaster!

If any of the above concerns or interests you, we would love to welcome you as an ally.

In return we will share your website, social media links and mission with readers on our website.

The work that you do has a direct impact on reducing our collective carbon footprint – thank you! 

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Our Climate Alliance principles:

We believe it is time to:

  • restore and take care of the natural world
  • stop the cutting of old growth forests, and embrace sustainable forest practice
  • reduce the use of pesticides
  • move to green energy sources such as solar, wind, tide, geothermal
  • produce only essential plastics
  • stop the subsidies of oil and gas and reduce their production
  • provide incentives for electric cars, bikes, passive housing and heat pumps
  • provide training to workers in green technology
  • slower consumption and support social and environmental leaders in their respective industries
  • consume less
  • be concerned about inequality on the planet

Our Allies:

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