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qathet Climate Alliance

qathet Climate Alliance

Board Members

Our dedicated board members were asked two questions recently by qathet Living Magazine:

  1. Give an example of interesting changes you’ve made to address the climate emergency.                 
  2. What are your hopes for the planet?

We’re sharing our answers below.

Bill Lytle McGhee

  1. I have been active for ten years in climate activism. I live a low-carbon lifestyle: electric car and home heating, no flying, minimizing meat consumption and over-packaged groceries.
  2. I hope for urgent action by the powers that be to help reduce future harm and preserve our descendants’ quality of life.

Cynthia Barnes

  1. I am the proud owner of an electric bike and a heat pump.
  2. We desperately need courageous political leadership, and corporate responsibility to keep oil and gas in the ground. I want my daughter and all children to have a life.

Jan Slakov

  1. I’m deeply grateful to those who risk and give to stop the “machine”, i.e. people like Jessica Ernst, Freda Huson, Lynne Quarmby, Romilly Cavanaugh, & Four Arrows. I support them as best I can.
  2. Miracles are possible, but the hope that inspires me is what Vaclav Havel spoke of – not the conviction something will turn out well, but the “certainty that something makes sense regardless of how it turns out”.

Jack Anderson

  1. I was President of qCA for 8 years and facilitated the publication of the Eco City Footprint. I drive an electric car, installed a heat pump and composting toilet. I have read every major climate report from the IPCC and federal and provincial documents.
  2. We need world emissions to reduce by 50% by 2030.

Angelika Hackett

(currently inactive)

  1. We purchased e-bikes, a heat pump for our daughter’s house, advocated for a right to dry clothes outside in multi-family residences in BC.
  2. We hope that governments will listen to the science and help citizens make the fundamental changes necessary.

Bob Hackett

(currently inactive)

  1. Many hours, dollars, and an arrest for peaceful civil disobedience, to support Indigenous land defenders and other system changes.
  2. Successful grassroots mobilization for a more democratic and less ecologically destructive economic system, to avoid civilization collapse.

Mike Demuth

  1. I am engaged in improving science, hydro-climatic, ethics & human factors literacy through teaching, scholarship, bravery and by being an ally to Indigenous peoples .
  2. We sit on our hands while the poorest nations in the world struggle with the most egregious impacts of climate change.  This entitled view of the world won’t last forever.